Here’s what a typical session involves:

The student will be asked to read a short narrative to establish areas where work is needed and vocal potential.

Warm-up Session
The student will be taught a sequence of exercises and procedure essential to train the voice for additional work.  Tongue twisters and tongue exercises are introduced which are immense fun and help agility and clarity resulting in lucid speech.

Well pronounced vowels enhance speech and soften/reduce accents.  A variety of techniques will guide the student to pronounce the short and long vowels to improve the quality of speech.

Well pronounced consonants enhance speech and soften/reduce accents.  A variety of consonant sounds will guide the student to pronounce and improve the quality of speech.

Correct Pronunciation
Students will be taught how to pronounce words fully and accurately.

Correct Breathing
Correct breathing is essential element of training, therefore, a range of techniques and exercises, including the use of the diaphragm and ribs, students will learn to breathe effectively and develop a well sustained voice that has strength and suppleness.

Expression is a key component of good speech, through a range of exercises and techniques such as breath control, pitch and tone, students will gain confidence and the ability to communicate in the optimum way.  Students will be taught to read verse/poetry and prose which will allow the student to discover, develop and extend their voices in productive and enjoyable way.

Public Speaking
The student/client will be taught to make a speech or presentation in a relaxed, self-assured and influential manner.

Accent Training/Softening
A strong accent can at times be a barrier when communicating during presentations, interviews and could be viewed as a hindrance to promotion opportunities in the workplace.  Accent training/softening will help tremendously to reduce or eliminate a strong accent.
Tongue Exercises
Tongue exercises, tongue twisters and rhymes/poetry and discussions will improve the students’ knowledge of the language.  Tongue exercises are fun and boost self-confidence.  Exercises also develop muscular agility and improve flexibility of the tongue.

Breathing Exercises
Correct breathing makes an instant and spectacular impact to the way we speak and present ourselves.  Students will be taught to breathe correctly and exercise the diaphragm to maximize full use of the rib cage.

Posture, Speech & Movement
When we speak, the movements and gestures we make impact significantly on the audience and the people around us.  Students will be taught to develop a clear and upright posture conducive to clear breathing, positive gesture and demeanour.

Timing is crucial! The value of recognizing comas and full stops are very important when reading.  Students are taught the value of pause, change of pitch, change of pace and emphasis.