success studentsSpeakSmartUK’s aim is to instil confidence in all clients, our tagline embodies confidence as on of the key benefits to be derived from our service.  YouGov and Sky Academy’s recent extensive research survey highlights the importance of confidence is in this demanding and competitive global marketplace.

SpeakSmartUK is committed to empowering national and international students with the confidence that will engender opportunities in the future. A great deal of university academic criterion requires students to execute presentations for each subject and students are marked according to the clarity, intonation, expression, emphasis and standard of English.

SpeakSmart UK recognise the demand on students to perform presentations of the highest level of English possible, and we understand that students will be marked based on their ability to articulate the subject matter to the expectations of the lecturers.

With this mind, SpeakSmartUK will provide a bespoke service to each student’s requirements and needs. After the substantial investment in academia to ensure their future, students must ensure that they can compete in the national and international marketplace and communication is a key component for success in any chosen career.

SpeakSmart UK offers all students the following:student fun

  • Presentation Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Accent Training/Softening
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace
  • Public Speaking Skills

SpeakSmartUK is committed to providing all its clients with the chance to enhance their personal development through Empowerment, Confidence & Opportunities!!

Confidence survey

Who knew a third of young people in the UK weren’t confident? Well this is just one of the interesting facts discovered by Sky Academy’s study into confidence amongst 11 to 24 year olds across the UK.

In conjunction with YouGov we undertook extensive research into confidence – a key lifeskill that is central to Sky Academy. We looked at the confidence issues facing young people in the UK today, and drawn from over 1,600 11-24 year olds and 600 parents across the country – the findings were eye opening.

The research highlights a noticeable difference between the confidence levels of teenage girls and boys. 61% of girls struggle with confidence when starting a first day at school, college or a job, compared to only 46% of boys.  It seems that as young people mature they go on a confidence journey. 64% of young people at the height of their teens experience a dip in their confidence levels as they become more worried about how they come across and express themselves in front of others. We found that confidence begins to return when young people build life experiences and a clearer sense of identity and this is why confidence is one of the six key skills that we focus on through Sky Academy.