professionalsMore and more professionals are giving serious consideration to empowering themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge required in the ever increasing competitive business marketplace. By doing so, it enables professionals to embrace change…and not resist the inevitable changes that must and will occur in the international business marketplace.

SpeakSmartUK offers national and international professionals seeking to improve their communication skills, the chance to enhance career opportunities in their respective business marketplace. To ensure maximum attention is given to the specific requirements of the client, One-on-One bespoke sessions are available to all clients.


  • SpeakSmartUK offers the following:
  • Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace
  • Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Accent Training/Softening
    • Public Speaking Skills


SpeakSmartUK is committed to providing all its clients with the chance to enhance their personal development through Empowerment, Confidence & Opportunities!!

SpeakSmartUK’s aim is to instil confidence in all clients, our tagline embodies confidence as on of the key benefits to be derived from our service.  YouGov and Sky Academy’s recent extensive research survey highlights the importance of confidence is in this demanding and competitive global marketplace.


jessica ennis

Jessica Ennis-Hill: Confidence key to what young people’s achieve in their lives

Sky Academy Ambassador Jessica Ennis-Hill says confidence can come in many forms but is key to what young people go on to achieve in their lives.

World champion heptathlete Ennis-Hill was speaking to Sky Sport News HQ on the launch of Sky Academy’s Confidence Month, the first in a series of nationwide campaigns to help build a number of skills crucial in guiding young people to unlock their potential – confidence, communication, creativity, resilience, planning and teamwork.

Sky Academy surveyed young people about the pressures that undermine confidence and how that can affect success in life.