Life After Football

dion-dublinSpeakSmartUk has recently acknowledge the perfect example of “Life after Football”, Dion Dublin former Manchester United, Coventry City and Aston Villa striker recently made his debut on the popular BBC 1 Homes Under The Hammer.  Dion must be commended for preparing himself for the constant phenomenon called “Change”, his vision has empowered him to embrace “change” and determine his future “life after football”.  Well done Dion!! Dion now has the confidence to take advantage of the opportunities that come his way. Randolph Hamilton, SpeakSmartUK

Dion Dublin has made many debuts in his time, from Manchester United and Coventry to Aston Villa and Leicester – but his latest one today had the former footballer “physically shaking”. 

Dublin made his first appearance on BBC show Homes Under The Hammer this morning, a programme that follows buyers of properties at auctions and how they plan to turn a profit. 

He joins the original line-up of Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander to add some depth to the squad. 

“Kicking off the 19th series, Martin, Lucy and Dion will follow three properties bought at auction, the renovations the buyers have planned and problems they encounter and whether they have made a gain or a loss from buying under the hammer,” the BBC said in a statement when it was announced he had joined the show. 

The former Premier League striker shocked the sporting world last month when it was announced he would join the BBC One show and Dublin, 46, has started his TV presenting career to mixed reviews. 

After one viewer, Kerryanne Wilde said “I really do not like the new presenter” on social media site Twitter, Dublin responded saying he would try and improve. 

Watching the show today, Dublin tweeted: Why am I physically shaking watching this #Itsverystrange.–the-internet-reacts-and-so-does-he-10172340.html 


Dion Dublin has promised to “try and do better” as a presenter on property show Homes Under the Hammer. 

Dion Dublin’s response was ‘Thanks for your kind words, I will try and do better!!’ 

Dublin, who scored 111 Premier League goals for Manchester United, Coventry City and Aston Villa has had decidedly mixed reviews since joining the show. 

Dion Dublin’s response is spot on, he is obviously strong-minded and confident in his ability to do what it takes to succeed in his new career as a TV presenter…the critique has not deterred him, in fact, it has made him even more determined.  – Randolph Hamilton, SpeakSmartUK