African Ambassadors / Diplomats / Commissioners

SpeakSmart UK offers a bespoke service to public sector officials serving as African Ambassadors, Diplomats, and Commissioners in the UK Embassies and government Ministers residing in the African continent via Skype. Clients will have the opportunity to receive elocution, speech and communication skills training in the comfort of their homes or office via Skype…the teaching materials will be forwarded electronically to the clients’ email address prior the actual session/lesson.

Effective communication is an essential prerequisite when for high ranking government officials representing their country in the UK…a good command of the English language is absolutely critical, especially when attending press conferences, delivering key speeches, and parliamentary debates. The whole ethos of politics is to influence and captivate the audience with effective communication:

International Media Commends South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma on his speech to his Ambassadors, Diplomats and commissioners, April 2013 in Pretoria

“It is understandable that the aptitude of politicians is often judged by their speaking prowess. President Jacob Zuma’s English public speaking skills are not insignificant to his job as president; and yet they have traditionally not been most flattering representation of him.”
Source: DailyMaverick

“Thursday April 9, 2013 President Jacob Zuma’s address to South Africa’s heads of mission in Pretoria on Thursday was one of his better speeches. His message to South African diplomats was well communicated. Few of their “excellencies” who had dutifully assembled for the conference would have expected to be dazzled. The President has earned a reputation for floundering at public speaking events.

Yet, when he delivered the speech, generously weaving the prepared text with his own off-the-cuff comments, Zuma exuded an eloquence that defied his reputation as a bungling speaker. It’s not just that he spoke well; he sounded like he knew what he was talking about.”

president jacob zumaobama and zuma

SpeakSmart UK offers the following:

  • Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace
  • Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication Skills for Frontline Staff
  • Accent Training/Softening
  • Public Speaking Skills

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