The teaching of Elocution, Speech and Communications seeks to improve the communication skills of the clients and improve confidence.   This specialized skill will inspire you to speak with confidence, soften your accent, have a clearer voice and enhance your self-confidence during interviews, presentations and public speaking.

An increasing number of professionals in the private/public sector across the country are seeking to augment their communication skills to compete effectively in this ever increasing competitive global marketplace.  Parents wanting to invest in their children’s future are also seeking to arrange private tuition in elocution, speech and communication skills.

speech-quoteBenefits for Clients/Pupils

Elocution, speech and communication training is acknowledged globally as key to the enhancement of communication skills for individuals and groups in the corporate world – directors, CEO’s, managers, surgeons, solicitors/lawyers, doctors, accountants, teachers/lecturers, Primary & High school pupils, University students – national and international, and individuals from around the world.

This specialized skill will empower the client with the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively in their personal and professional life and enhance their ability to adapt to any environment that requires effective communication skills.  In the ever changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace we all have to embrace change, therefore, the need for excellent communication skills is vital for self-confidence, interview skills, presentations skills and public speaking.

It is paramount that we acknowledge the importance of being competitive, especially, in the global marketplace.  We have to be marketable, elocution, speech and communication training can and will empower clients with the ability to differentiate themselves from other competitors and improve their opportunities for long-term and sustainable success.

Catherine Donnelly, Manager – Community Links, Leeds

Presenting a Certificate of Achievement to Catherine Donnelly, Manager – Community Links, Leeds